Lee Morris from Fstoppers On the Insanity of Ink Printers

Two weeks ago, Lee Morris went on a rant airing his frustration about the Canon printer he had recently bought, highlighting how consumer-hostile it was and how expensive the ink turned out to be. I blogged about an equally frustrating experience with my Canon Pixma, and his rant immediately caught my attention.

Today, he doubled down on the topic, reducing the emotional and ranty parts, and conducting some testing on his printer. Here are his findings:

His surprising conclusion is that with the replacement ink, he’s extremely satisfied with the printer since all he intends to do is print black and white pages. The printer itself only cost $44, and with the affordable ink, he can print for years.

My past experience with off-brand ink (from many years ago) wasn’t that positive, as the black appeared more like a bluish gray, and the refill procedure was quite messy. It was acceptable since I mainly printed materials for university where visual quality wasn’t paramount. Now, I’m intrigued by the topic again and I’m willing to give refills another try, even if it’s just to express my dissatisfaction with printer vendors.

Here’s the actual video; make sure to watch, like, and perhaps even subscribe to the channel. Also, be sure to read through the comments – it’s a sea of frustration.