First photogrammetry result with an iPhone and an M1 Mac

I finally got around trying the Apple's M1-exclusive photgrammetry API through PhotoCatch. Some notes about the process and the results.

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Hello M1 Macbook Pro

With the Apple's transition to their own silicon, the redisigned chasis, the extreme performance and power efficiency gains, I found it very hard to resist buying a new Macbook Pro.

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Getting More Serious About Blender

After many attempts, I'm giving Blender another go. Here's my first animation I created after following along Grant Abbit's Beginner Course on Youtube.

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Hello DJI Mavic Air 2

After roughly a year with the DJI Mavic Air, I thought its time for an upgrade.

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Cleaning My Macbook Pro Inside Out

Resolving the thermal issues of my eight year old Macbook Pro and restoring its performance.

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I Guess I'll Work From Home For a While

Due to rumours of an imminent lockdown in Austria, I took home my work laptop and an external monitor.

Last year I bought a nice reading chair and disassembled my work desk, as I didn’t plan on working from home anymore. Luckily I was too lazy to sell my work setup and now I reassembled it and put it into my bedroom. On the photo you can see my Macbook Pro (2019), the LG 4K monitor my company provided me with, my Apple keyboard and my Anker vertical mouse.

As somebody who enjoys working in an office space a lot, I cannot say that I’m thrilled about this.

Bay Area 6: Sightseeing

Three and a half more days to spend in beautiful San Francisco!

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Bay Area 5: Going to San Francisco

I left San Jose for San Francisco and spent the day sightseeing.

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Bay Area 4: Infinite Loop

The final day at WWDC: I watched a few more sessions and visited Apple Park.

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Bay Area 3: WWDC - The Bash

Day six in California and day four at Dub Dub.

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Bay Area 2: WWDC

The days at Dub Dub blew my mind.

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Bay Area 1: Palo Alto

My employer generously agreed to pay for my trip to WWDC 2019 if I won a ticket in the lottery. Long story short: I did 🥳 And I extend the trip by a few days on my own dime to explore San Francisco and the bay area a bit.

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