Move Streak Ends After 601 Days

It was my goal for 2021 to complete every monthly challenge and to have 12 perfect months for the move ring — and I managed to accomplish that. And even before that I took care to close the move ring daily. I got my streak to 365 days pretty much without effort and I set out to make it at least an even 700. Even when I was sick or busy, I somehow managed to close it. Yesterday I was too distracted and the streak ended. A 15 minute walk could have pushed me over the line, but I didn’t manage. To some degree it’s a relieve: The goals the watch is setting for me are getting harder and harder to accomplish. 2021 was a real struggle and the outlook of the algorithm increasing the success criteria even more is not thrilling. I think this is a sign for 2022 to take it slow and re-calibrate the algorithm down to managable levels.